Hi there, I’m glad you found my website!

About me

My name is Kim Lehtinen, and I’m a MSc student at University of Vaasa in Finland studying Automation and Computer Science (Diplomi-insinööri). I have a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (BSc) from before.


So what’s Lehtidata about then? I’m glad you asked! Lehtidata is my own company. Besides studying and my main job, I do some freelancing every now and then, mostly small projects. I help people with developing web applications, web services, websites, APIs etc. You can read more about what I do on my services page.

That’s it? Nope! I’m obsessed with technology and learning new things. I’m always playing around with different technologies, and I love learning new things whether it be technology, business, philosophy, writing, speaking etc. As I learn new things, I want to share that knowledge with other people by writing blog posts, so make sure to check out my blog! I myself love reading other peoples blog posts, it’s a good way to learn new things, find solutions to problems and to broaden your horizons!

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