Software Services

Do you need help with developing your web application, website or some other web services? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Web Applications

If a normal website isn’t enough, or you need software/automation to make your work easier, a web application might just be what you need! With the help of a web application, we can create a custom database for you and automate everyday tasks to support your business and make your work easier. If you want a website that works as an internet service for your customers or other users, this can be done with building a custom web application. Technologies we use for web applications are: Angular, Vue.js, Laravel, Go, NodeJS and Flask. For databases to support these applications we use PostgreSQL, MongoDB and MySQL.


If you don’t need a custom built web application to automate a lot of stuff you might also be happy with a normal website.

If you need a website where you can easily update and add content yourself, you need a CMS (content management system). We can help you install a wordpress (a popular cms) website and a theme that you like, or even make a custom theme for you.

If your website just has a few pages doesn’t need to be updated that often, you also might be happy with a simple static website. This however would require us to make the updates for you whenever needed, unlike a CMS.

Mobile Applications

Many mobile applications can be replaced with web applications today, so make sure you understand the potential of web applications before your decide that you need a mobile application.

However, if you are sure that you need or want a mobile application we can also help you with that. Web technologies are so powerful, that mobile applications today can be built with purely web technologies. We have experience in building applications using Ionic Framework which is a web technology that makes it possible to build applications both for IOS and Android with the same code base! This is amazing considering that for many years one application had to be built twice with different technologies for IOS and Android, but thanks to frameworks like Ionic this is not the case anymore.


Do you need help with software development, or don’t have enough developers? We offer consulting services as well!