Working remotely part-time while studying

A typical remote workplace

I have now been working at Genero for about half a year. During the summer I worked as Developer Trainee back in my hometown, it was a great summer. After that it was time to move back to Vaasa to begin my fourth year at univaasa. The only difference now is that I’m a M.Sc. student studying a combination of Automation and Software Engineering. It’s nice to focus on software and automation after three years of studying Information Technology (B.Sc.) where I learned a lot about different kinds of engineering: energy, electrical, automation and software engineering.

After the summer I signed a new contract with Genero, so now I work as remote developer (part-time) while studying. I’m so blessed and thankful for the opportunities they have given me. Working part time as a remote developer has allowed me to focus on my education while getting valuable work experience besides studying. As my schedule varies a lot it’s common to have a free period during a day at university when I’m able to work for a couple of hours, and some days I might not even have any lectures at all. Genero really makes sure that I get to focus and prioritise school, and that I get to make my own schedule for when I’m working each week. I really appreciate how often they ask me how school is going, it feels good that they care.

Working while studying is a lot of fun, because I get to work on real projects and use the skills and knowledge I have learned from previous work experience and also from studying. At Genero learning new things is valued a lot, so if you know something that the others don’t, you are more than welcome to teach it.

It’s nice to be able to work from anywhere, usually it’s at the library, coffee shop or some other cool place at university while I wait for my next lecture. And if I don’t have any free periods during a school day I work either before or after school in my apartment. I have a decent monitor, desk and office chair where I can comfortably sit and work for a whole day at home.

Although this all sounds nice and fun, I’m not saying it’s easy either. Working remotely while studying requires discipline, planning, communication and trust. It’s important to plan each week carefully, so that both you and your team knows when you are working and when you aren’t. This makes it a lot easier for yourself to know when to focus on school and when to focus on work, and after the planning it’s important to have the discipline to take action on those plans! Planning each week carefully makes it a lot easier for your team to know when you’re working and to manage projects. Everything I just mentioned is important, but to make anything work at all it’s important to build trust between the employer and employee. Without trust this wouldn’t be possible at all, trust is something to value.

So I want to say a big thank you to Genero and my awesome colleagues, none of this would be possible without you.

Kim Lehtinen

Software Developer at Devatus. Loves software development and DevOps. MSc Student at University of Vaasa in Finland studying Computer Science & Automation.

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